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Would you like to add 30 days Access to SAP training System ?

Congratulations on making a great decision to start your wonderful adventure with SAP software!

I am convinced that starting to learn SAP will be one of the best decisions this year!

I will guide you through the basic concepts of SAP and show you how to work with the real system. I will explain how simple real-life business examples are reflected in SAP.

Furthermore, at the end of the course, you will receive a PDF containing the most important points covered in the course. You can print it out and review the main points before your interview.

This course will provide you with all the theoretical knowledge you need to start your journey with SAP.

I am confident that you will enjoy it!

Many students ask me:
- Artur, we love the course. We have all the theoretical knowledge to start our journey with SAP.
Do you know of any possibilities to log into the SAP system, practice exercises, and gain hands-on experience?

To complement your learning experience, we now offer a 30-day live SAP system access at a discounted rate. This will allow you to practice what you've learned and gain practical experience using SAP.

As a special offer, you can receive a 70% discount on live SAP access for 30 days when you order the "SAP for beginners course." This offer is only available on this page at a discounted price, so don't miss out.

Please note that this is an optional offer, and the SAP for beginners course is complete on its own. However, we believe that having access to a live SAP system will enhance your learning outcomes and give you a practical experience."

Are You Ready to Join Now?

Here's exactly what you're getting...

SAP_for_beginners - full 5h course - 25 Lessons 
Lifetime access to all materials 
Quizzes to check your knowledge
30 days access to SAP System Training Version 

Add to your order today for only $47.00!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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